About the Science Fiction Author in Palo Alto, CA

Bill Copeland | Science Fiction Author - Fresno, CAAs the leading science fiction author in Palo Alto, CA, Bill lived most of his life on the west coast of California. He was born in Spring Valley in the foothills east of San Diego. The spring the valley was named for a spring that ran clear all-year long and flowed into a creek right in front of his grandmother's big, two-story farmhouse where he lived with his parents.

He played in that creek, caught crawdads, pollywogs, frogs, and minnows, and cooled his feet in the hot summers. Growing up on the edge of the desert, the clear sky over our part of southern California became a prominent part of his daily experience.

A Comet

Person In Front of the MoonA real mind blower for the 13-year old boy was the vision of the comet Arend-Roland that dominated the western sky over many evenings. It spread from above the horizon up to the top of the sky. Astronomy became his hobby. He explored the heavens and explored the Earth. He loved to turn over rocks to see what hid underneath, as he hiked San Diego county trails, rabbit trails, even very narrow little bug trails that snuck through the grass and roots of the chaparral. While working over the years, he traveled to Mexico, Canada, the British Isles, Spain, Morocco, and India.

waxing gibbous earth from the moon

Bill watched the planets and constellations march through the seasons. He studied at San Diego and San Jose California State colleges, earning a bachelors degree in math and master's degree in Cybernetic Systems. He worked for 40 years in Silicon Valley as a software engineer.  During his work on the Apollo project at NASA, he saw early pictures of the Earth appearing to rise over the Moon, as the spacecraft orbited the Moon.  The Earth looked like a blue, marbled egg from there. What kind of bird would hatch out of such an egg? Bill says, The Earth is the place we are born, our egg, and not our home forever. If we learn and obey the laws of science, study space, and treat each other and our planet very carefully, humanity will survive without end.

Bill Copeland started writing because he was driven to understand the inner meaning of words and their history.  He wanted to apply what he learned to his science fiction, poems, and videos. Bill is a member of the American Association for the Advancement of Science so he keeps up-to-date with the latest scientific research.

Inspiring the Next Generation

illustration of boy under starry skyBill Copeland, author and outspoken proponent of alternative cosmology, hopes to inspire students studying science to expand their worldview. His goal is to pique the curiosity of the next generation, so pick up one of Bill’s novels to learn more about his philosophies.

As an experienced science fiction author, he is excited to share his knowledge with anyone willing to listen. Spreading awareness about the future of the human race is his top priority. Crafting a story centered on cosmology and astronomy allows him to encourage renewed interest in the subject. Pick up a copy and delve into the world of Cosmic Swan.

Cosmic Swan is an alternative science fiction fantasy novel written by Bill Copeland that explores his theories through an engaging story. His philosophies become clear to readers as they experience the adventures of main character Mark Joff. Bill continues to be inspired by the infinite nature of the universe and its mysteries. Contact science fiction author Bill Copeland to order a copy of his novel. Books are shipped worldwide through Amazon.