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Hard-Hitting Science Fiction Literature by Bill Copeland

Take a scientific, cosmic, and spiritual journey along with the Cosmic Swan’s science fiction books in Palo Alto, CA. This short novella is a perfect read for science fiction fans. Part thriller, part fantasy, it is replete with action and attention to detail. Featuring a varied and dynamic cast and a plotline full of twists and turns, this work by science fiction author Bill Copeland has earned a spot in your science fiction literature collection. Fans of sci-fi and natural disaster narratives will enjoy adding this novella to their libraries.

The Mystery of the Cosmic Swan

In the not-too-distant future, the Earth is ravaged by destructive earthquakes. At the epicenter is the holy site, Mt. Kailas, in Tibet. Meanwhile, a brilliant blue comet is on a collision course with the planet. Is it a sign of the end of the world? Mark Joff, a USGS geologist, flies to the Himalayas to search for clues – and answers. As he is setting up his instruments, he meets Kusoom, a mysterious priestess. Mark follows Kusoom to a cavern, where she is revealed to be the leader of a religious cult. Here, she tells Mark that a great being, the Cosmic Swan, will soon rise up and take her devotees into the heavens.

Meet the Author

Bill Copeland worked at the NASA Manned Spacecraft Center. There, he saw some of the early images of the marbled Earth. He wondered about the images: a big bird egg, an object waiting to hatch, a creature waiting to take flight. What were they? These images and questions would spark a lifetime of wonder and ultimately form the basis of Cosmic Swan.

Bill joined the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) because he wanted to keep up with the latest scientific knowledge. He started writing because he dreamed of sharing his perspective on cosmology. His craft is also a way for him to convey his hopes for an infinite future for humanity. Through his research and love for science, Bill writes alternative science fiction. Cosmic Swan and Line of Absurdity are his latest works.

Carefully Crafted Literature

Bill Copeland is a science fiction author who creates fantastical tales with thoughtful pacing and plotlines. Much of his work explores complex, cosmic ideas with a blend of spirituality and real science. By weaving fantastical themes and concepts with plausible, fact-based scientific phenomena, Bill’s work is both imaginative and provocative all at once.

Like all great science fiction, Bill Copeland’s work leaves you questioning the nature of humanity and the universe. “Cosmic Swan” is available through Amazon in hardcover, paperback, and e-book formats. Additionally, Bill Copeland’s high-quality science fiction tale is available from other major book and e-book retailers.