Hard-Hitting Science Fiction Novella by Bill Copeland

Cosmic SwanAn old saying tells us that it’s not possible to please everyone at the same time. Perhaps that’s true, but author Bill Copeland comes pretty close with his science fiction novella “Cosmic Swan.” It’s a joy to describe this book because it is so rich in content and detail combined with the craft of finely wrought storytelling.


A closer look at the story shows how it brings to life a hard-hitting science fiction tale that weaves together many elements that are sure to keep even the most discerning reader happy, no matter what genre they like to explore.


When you read “Cosmic Swan,” you are transported around the world on a tale of adventure. But it’s much more than that. It incorporates hard science, mysterious realms, other life forms, and interstellar visitors.


It’s also a great introduction to science fiction for those who are looking for something that is grounded in hard science. Copeland draws upon his years working at NASA — a place where they know a thing or two about science — to create a story that has a basis in the true workings of scientific principles. Things in this story behave as they would if the events, incidents, and individuals were brought to life.


You don’t find yourself saying, “That’s unbelievable,” as you would with a lesser science fiction novella. You find yourself gripped by the story and saying, “What happens next?”