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Film and TV Series scripts based on the book THE COSMIC SWAN about a geologist who discovers the cult of a great being rising from a holy mountain which leads to an interstellar adventure with a beautiful priestess to save earth.

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The COSMIC SWAN film, based on the science-fiction novel, is either a stand-alone epic or a series in the tradition of Star Wars and Star Trek. An intrepid geologist investigating earthquakes in the Himalayas discovers a gorgeous priestess who inspires devotees to believe a great being is about to be born : a Cosmic Swan. As the colossal creature breaks out of the mountain, it is attacked. The geologist fights to save them and then journeys on the cosmic swan to save the Earth from extinction.

As the story begins, a bird-like flying planet is born from a holy mountain, but his birth triggers powerful earthquakes that terrorize Southeast Asia. Geologist, Mark Joff, comes to the Himalayas to investigate, where he meets a beautiful priestess, Kusoom, with dozens of devotees. She claims the earthquakes are due to the birth of a great being, called a Cosmic Swan that will take them to the heavens. Mark doesn’t believe her, but is persuaded on seeing its giant crystalline eye in a cave.

After they escape an attack trying to destroy the ‘monster’, Mark, Kusoom, and her devotees escape to space where they can live peaceably in the beautiful land on the back of the living planet. Along the way, they face big challenges: surviving a dive into Neptune, an attack of ice dragons, and encounters with beings from other planets. Then they have to convince a Galactic Council to save the Earth from extinction by an exploding star. As the first episode ends, the council refuses to help. Will they find another way to save the Earth?

I have an extensive background working as a space scientist. I led pioneering group projects in Silicon Valley for Univac, NASA, Hewlett-Packard, and SAP. I managed multimillion-dollar development for government and industry, including 3-D rocket inspection, satellite signal acquisition, internet development, and financial control. I wrote two science fiction novels, Birth of the Cosmic Swan, and Cosmic Swan, and as the Silicon Valley Science Reporter, I produced science videos on cosmology.

The film will receive national publicity in a documentary From Failure to Success by Changemakers Productions and Dear Skyyler Productions, who have previously released seven films through major distributors. My company is one of the sponsors and my story will be featured as an example of overcoming multiple failures to achieve success: the launching of a living planet with settlers who succeed in a new world.

I can send you a detailed synopsis, a complete script, a Show Bible, and a Sizzle Reel for the book. My website is cosmicswan.com. A variety of merchandising items are planned, including a Cosmic Swan video game. I look forward to hearing from you.