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Bill Copeland 
Author of
Birth of Cosmic Swan

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Birth of the Cosmic Swan by Bill Copland Buy on Amazon

Genre: Science Fiction/Fantasy

A geologist, studying the cause of massive earthquakes in South Asia, discovers they are caused by the hatching of a giant alien egg.

Geologist, Mark Joff, flies to the remote Himalayas at the center of the earth's movement to take seismic readings. Investigating a cave, opened by recent earthquakes, he meets Kusoom — the beautiful leader of an alien cult. She tells him it is time for a Great Being to be born — a being who will carry her people to the stars.

When Mark discounts the cult explanation as unscientific, Kusoom offers proof. She takes him deep into the cave where he encounters a huge, multifaceted blue eye peering at him.

Kusoom tells him that the egg was left by the mother Cosmic Swan who will return to earth in the guise of a blue comet to help Agni. Kusoom and her followers will leave earth on Agni, the new Cosmic Swan, and he will be their home and new living planet. When Agni breaks out, he is seen by satellites, mistaken as a destructive monster, and attacked. Mark fights to protect Kusoom and is wounded. Kusoom and her followers rescue him and carry him onto Agni. With great difficulty, Agni soars to the top of the atmosphere, but a damaged wing fails.

As he falls back toward earth, the mother Cosmic Swan suddenly swoops beneath him, catching him on her back, and they fly away from earth, silhouetted against the Moon.