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Science Fiction Author with Innovative Ideas

Speak with an informed science fiction author who seeks to share his ideas with the world. Bill Copeland has spent much of his life studying alternative cosmology/science and believes in an infinite future for the human race. His goal is to encourage others to delve into his knowledge and come up with their own ideas. 

Cosmic Swan is an alternative science novel written by Bill Copeland that explores his theories through an engaging story. His philosophies become clear to readers as they experience the adventures of main character Mark Joff. Bill continues to be inspired by the infinite nature of the universe and its mysteries.

Inspiring the Next Generation

Bill Copeland, author and outspoken proponent of alternative cosmology, hopes to inspire students studying science to expand their worldview. His goal is to pique the curiosity of the next generation, so pick up one of Bill’s novels to learn more about his philosophies. 

As an experienced science fiction author, he is excited to share his knowledge with anyone willing to listen. Spreading awareness about the future of the human race is his top priority. Crafting a story centered on cosmology and astronomy allows him to encourage renewed interest in the subject. Pick up a copy and delve into the world of the Cosmic Swan.

Contact science fiction author Bill Copeland to order a copy of his novel. Books are shipped worldwide through Amazon.

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